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Performance & Installation
Soho Arts Festival New York USA, V2-Lab Rotterdam, Jan van Eijck Academy Maastricht, gemeente museum Helmond
V2-Lab Rotterdam, Jan van Eijck Academy Maastricht, Rob Linders, Hans Kerkhof, Voices: Susanne Visser, Roef Ragas, Dawn Mastin, Marc Bellamy, Micheal Gibbs Funded by: Foundation for Arts Archtecture and Design SoHo Arts Festival New York, Netherlands America Foundation, Dutch Embassy New York.

This work can best be arranged in a semi / public space. For example in a cafe or on the way there.

Technical realization of the video projection part: From the black box, next to the projection screen, two video cameras are aimed at the face of every visitor at the table. Each camera is connected to a video mixer, which in turn is connected to a projector hanging behind the bar stools. They project their image over the visitor's head. In this way, the faces of the visitors are superimposed on the semi-transparent screen.

The sound part In the black box under the table is the following equipment: a terminal for the headphones on the table, an Amiga 3000 with the conversation fragments to be played on the hard disk. An equalizer ensures that the conversation fragments from the computer are of the same quality as the speech of the visitors in the headset. These fragments are controlled from the light-emitting buttons on the table, which are connected to the Amiga 3000 via a slot machine part. There are a buttons for recording and playing user comments.

The conversations were - under my direction - by Susanne Visser and Roef Ragas in the Dutch. I recorded the English version with Dawn Mastin Marc Bellamy and Micheal Gibbs.