Speakers and Lecturing at Symposia, Conferences, Companies
• World Expo 2010 Shanghai / Mobile Platforms
• Brave New World 'Attention' 2023
• ISEA 2011 Istanbul
• TEDx SilkRoad Istanbul
• ISEA 2019 Istanbul Gwangzou, South Korea
• Q21 quartier 21 Museum Quartier Wien ‘Digital Synesthesia’
• Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein. ‘Hello, Robot. Design between Human and Machine’
• Baltan Laboratories/De Zwijger Amsterdam: 'Europe for People: Hack the Body'
• RIXC Riga, Center for Media Cultures 2018, 2022
• TASIE Tsinghua University Beijing
• Baltan Laboratories/Holst Centre/ Phillips Lab Eindhoven
• VR Days Rotterdam 2023
• Todays Art, The Hague
• Holland festival / De Balie Amsterdam
• Bournemouth University UK. Symposium ‘From Tele-Presence to Tele-Trust'
• University of Amsterdam UVA. Symposium 'Worlding the Brain'
• Eurohaptics Conference/ TU Delft. Toolkit for Touching Consent • Beall Center for Art + Technology, University Irvine LA
• EYE Film Museum Amsterdam
• ThingsCon Amsterdam & University Twente;
• ArtsIT 2018, 2019
• CHI Human Computer Interfaces Montreal - Artistic Brain Computer Interfaces
• CHI Human Computer Interfaces Montreal - A new agenda for social touch
• OCT Design & Art Gallery Shenzhen China. Lecture series 'The Entelechy of A Hypernatural Generation'
• Blekinghe Institute, Karlsham Sweden. 'Digital Urbanism' -‘Smart cities'.

Teaching at Art Academies and Universities
• MFA Frank Mohr Institute, MadTech, University of Applied Sciences Groningen.
Head of INTERACTIVE MEDIA department 2005-2010.
• Utrecht University, Art History department. ‘The Senses: Art and Visual Culture’
• Rietveld Academy. Studium Generale ‘What’s happening to your brain?’
• Royal Academy The Hague, Art-Science department • Tsinghua University Beijing
• Rietveld Art Academy Amsterdam
• Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU) 2006, 2018
• Royal University for Technology Stockholm (KTH)
• KTH School of Architecture, Stockholm Sweden
• ARTez Zwolle
• ARTez Arnhem (History of Digital Art)
• MFA ARTez Enschede
• Willem de Kooning Art Academy Rotterdam
• MFA Film Academy Amsterdam
• MFA a.p.t/A.pass performance studies Antwerpen/Brussels
• Open Set Dutch Design School at Kookmin University Seoul
• Hong Kong Arts Center and Art College LiYifan Beijing
• HKU University of Applied Science Utrecht, Interaction Design
• MFA HKU University of Applied Science Utrecht, Dramaturgy
• Nottingham University, Mixed Reality Lab
• Art Academy Maastricht – Seoul Institute of the Arts South Korea.

Research groups
• Delft University of Technology: Participatory Systems Lab.
• TU Delft, TU Eindhoven, Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm (KTH):
• European EIT ICT lab ‘Mediated presence group’.
• AHK Amsterdam School of the Arts: ARTI Artistic research, Theory, Interpretation research group.
• University of Applied Arts Vienna: Digital Synesthesia research group.
• Baltan Laboratories Eindhoven: Hack the body international art science consortium.
• University Twente: Dutch Touch Group, international consortium.
• University of Amsterdam (UvA): Worlding the Brain & Neurocultures research group (ASCA).
• University Utrecht: Urban Interface research group.
• Tsinghua university Beijing: TASML Tsinghua Art Science Lab.
• EMAP European Media Art Platform, Creative Europe Program of the European Union.
• Amsterdam (HvA) Faculty of FDMCI and Lectoraat Civic Interaction Design.
• University Groningen (RUG)/ Minerva Art Academy.

Education Lancel/Maat
Karen Lancel
• BA Gerrit Rietveld Academy fine arts, Amsterdam, 1984-1988
• MFA DasArts Amsterdam, 1998-2002
• PhD TU Delft 'Participatory Systems Lab (promotor: Prof. Dr. Frances Maria Brazier), 2023
Hermen Maat
• BA Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam afdeling Voorheen Audiovisueel, 1985 - 1991
• MFA Jan van Eijck Academie Maastricht Participant Theory Department, 1994 - 1995
• MFA Sandberg Instituut, 2009