Award: Wu Guanzhong Art Science Innovation Award 2019 at National Museum of China, for our Shared Senses reserach (2014-2019).
Digital Canon (1960–2000) of the Netherlands, LIMA Amsterdam selected Agora Phobia (digitalis): "Experts from the field of digital culture selected twenty of the most prominent and influential works made on Dutch soil by artists who lived or worked here over a long period of time".
ISEA 2019 Gwangju South Korea Lux Aeterna.
TASIE 2019 Beijng 5th International Art and Science Exhibition and Symposium Tsinghua University Beijing. AS Helix: The Integration of Art and Science in the Age of Artificial Intelligence.
OCT Design & Art Gallery Shenzhen China Lecture seies 'The Entelechy of A Hypernatural Generation', with Stefano Mancuso, Zheng Bo and Paola Antonelli (MoMA).
Digital Urbanism Blekinghe Institute, Karslham Sweden

Award: Global AI Art Competition GAAC 2018, Tsinghua University Beijing. Kissing Data: Innovation Application Award.
Ars Electronica Festival Linz. Error. The Art of imperfection. Curators: Christl Bauer, Veronika Liebl, Gerfried Stocker.
Haus der Elektronische Kunst HeK , Basel. Future Love. Desire and Kinship in Hypernature.
Curator: Boris Magrini
. With: Micha Cárdenas (US), Chloé Delarue (CH), Olga Fedorova (RU), Ed Fornieles (UK), Joey Holder (UK), Mary Maggic (US), Dmitry Morozov (RU), Špela Petrič (SI), Wong Ping (HK), Tabita Rezaire (FR), Una Szeemann (CH), Pinar Yoldas (TR/US), !Mediengruppe Bitnik (CH)
RobotLove. Curator: Ine Gevers. With among others: Hito Steierl, L.A. Raeven, Arnon Grunberg, Marco Donnarumma, Jennifer Kanary, Koert van Mensvoort, Pierre Huyghe/Philippe Parreno , Anouk Wipprecht, Kondition Pluriel, Driessens & Verstappen. Performances: DDW Dutch Design week Eindhoven
ASKO/Schönberg Obsession #2 - Music and Robotics.
VondelCS - Future Lab, Amsterdam. With a.o. Jonathan Reus.
RIXC, Riga. White Nights. Curators: Rasa Smites, Raitis Smits.
RIXC, Riga. RIXC Art Science Festival. Curators: Rasa Smites, Raitis Smits.
University Twente Human-Technology Relations: Postphenomenology and Philosophy of Technology
CHI Montreal Computer Human Interaction Conference
Artistic Brain-Computer Interface for Artistic Expression.
CHI Montreal Computer Human Interaction Conference
Reshaping Touch Communication: An Interdisciplinary Research Agenda.

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Stedelijk Statements / Worlding the Brain 2017
Exhibition and Conference. Curator: Patricia Pisters

Science and Art Gallery Dublin / Waag Society, ‘Hack the Brain’.
Curators: Lucas Evers, Mairéad Hurley. Artists a.o. Marco Donnarumma.
Collaboration with Alexander von Lühmann, University Berlin. Third Prize.
ARS ELECTRONICA exhibition at VolksWagen Group Forum Berlin
'You and I'. Curator: Manuela Naveau.
Rietveld Academie / Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam Curator:
Jorinde Seijdel. Studium Generale 'What’s happening to our brain?’.
Kulturstiftung de Bundes (D) at Frankfurter Kunstverein
‘Fellow-me, The Sensitive Museum’.
Curator: Marie Haff.
ARTEZ Academy Arnhem. Studium Generale ‘Artistic research’.
Nutshuis, The Hague. Curator: Mirjam Zweers.
Casco, Utrecht. 'Haptic Visuality / the Commons'. Curator: Anne Punt.
University of Twente, DesignLab. 'ThingsCon Salon Intimate Technology' series, performance workshop. Curator: Frank Kresin.
RIXC Center for new media Culture Riga,
at Latvian National Museum of Art. Conference with artists-scientists speakers a.o. Chris Salter, 'VIRTUALITIES AND REALITIES'.

Hongkong, ISEA 2016

 Digital Synesthesia Group, curators:
Peter Weibel, Katharina Gsöllpointner, Romana Schuler, Jeffrey Shaw
/ University of Applied Arts, Vienna. Artists a.o.: Jeffrey Shaw, Peter Weibel, Tamiko Thiel/Christoph Reiserer, Condition Pluriel, Ulla Rauter.
Performance installation 'Synesthetic E.E.G. Kiss'

Transmediale Berlin Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin 'Conversationpiece'. Curator: Eric Kluitenberg.
Artistic Research Tele_Trust for networking bodies

BCAC Contemporary Art Center Beijing
Opening-performance Thangka exhibition
Curators: Cui Qiao (BCAF) and Susa Pop (Public Art Lab Berlin / Connecting Cities Networks) Performance-installation 'Saving Face'
BeallCenter, University of Irvine, LA California USA
'Embodied Encounters'. Curator: David Familian. Artists a.o: Rhona Byrne, George Khut, Alex May, Miriam Simun, Sha Xin Wei.

With conference: 'A Body of Knowledge: 'Embodied Cognition and the Arts'. Curator Simon Penny, keynote speakers a.o. Antonio Damasio, Maxine Sheets-Johnston
RIXC Open Fields, Riga Latvia. Exhibtion and Conference.
Curators: Rasa Smite and Raitis Smits.
Artists a.o. Rafal Lozano Hemmer, James Auger, Telco Systems, PolakvanBekkum. Speakers a.o.: Christiane Paul, Armin Medosch

Q21 quartier 21 Museum Quartier Wien in collaboration with ‘Digital Synesthesia’ exhibition.
University of Applied Arts Vienna, Gallery Angewandte Innovation Lab (AIL)'Digital Synaesthesia'.
Curators: Katharina Gsöllpointner, Ruth Schnell, Romana Schuler, Jeffrey Shaw, Peter Weibel. Artists a.o.: Jeffrey Shaw, Peter Weibel, Tamiko Thiel/Christoph Reiserer, Condition Pluriel, Ulla Rauter.
Performance installation 'Synesthetic E.E.G. Kiss'

Frascati Theatres Amsterdam, 'The end of Privacy Festival'.
Curators: Marc Timmer, Kiki Rosingh
Performance installation 'Synesthetic E.E.G. KISS Cloud'

Engaged Art Fair by Staff_Room, Amsterdam.
Location: De Balie Amsterdam. Artists a.o. Renzo Martens; Jonas Staal;
Debra Solomon & Jaromil Rojo; Bik & VanderPol.
E.E.G. KISS Performance installation. Premiere:
E.E.G. KISS portraits, prints in collaboration with Paulina Matusiak.
De Zwijger Amsterdam, by Baltan Laboratories, Waag Society Amsterdam, 'Big, Open & Beautiful - Hack the Body'
with artists researchers Marco Donnaruma, Chris Salter;
Jan van Erp (TNO), Ira van keulen (Rathenau Institute)

56th Venice Art Biennale: China Pavillion
Curators: Cui Qiao (BCAF Beijing Contemporary Art Center)
and Susa Pop (Public Art Lab Berlin / Connecting Cities Networks);
performance-installation Saving Face Venice-Beijing
BCAC Beijing Contemporary Art Center
The museum's opening exhibition.
Curators: Cui Qiao (BCAF) and Susa Pop (Public Art Lab Berlin / Connecting Cities Networks);
Performance-installation Saving Face Venice-Beijing
Holland Festival / Salon Stadsleven, De Balie Amsterdam
Curator Tracy Metz, with among others Martijn de Waal, Polakvan Bekkum; guest lecture and performance-installation Saving Face
VPRO Medialab Eindhoven; media-lab opening event,
guest lecture and performance-installation E.E.G. Kiss
TASML Beijing, Curator Zhang Ga; E.E.G. Kiss
National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Yekaterinburg Russia.
Curator: Ilya Shipilovskikh; performance-installation StalkShow
Baltan Laboratories / STRP festival Eindhoven. Curators: Olga Mink, Koen Snoeckx; performance-installation E.E.G. Kiss

Gogbot media art festival Enschede curator Kees de Groot; performance-installation E.E.G. Kiss
Brakke Grond / Yami-ICHI Amsterdam with a.o. Martine Neddam/Mouchette, PolakvanBekkum, Luis Rodil Fernandez, JODI, performance-installation E.E.G. Kiss
TodaysArt, Den Haag, expert meeting and presentation E.E.G. Kiss Baltan Laboratories / Hack the Body expert meeting Eindhoven.
Curators: Olga Mink, Koen Snoeckx, guest lecture E.E.G. Kiss

UVA University of Amsterdam, 
Institute of Culture and History, ‘Eeg, synchronicity & neurofeedback in artistic research‘ (on experience of data-visualisation)
 by Flora Lyssen with a.o. Dr. Rob Zwijnenberg and Dr. Patricia Pisters; guest lecture E.E.G. Kiss
University of Utrecht, Play Perform Participate, conference / exhibition. by Dr. Chiel Kattenbelt and Dr. Nanna Verhoeff / Urban Interfaces Research Group; guest lecture and performance-installation Saving Face
Phillips laboratory Eindhoven research performance E.E.G. Kiss
Social and Affective Touch symposium by University Twente
Dr. Jan van Erp; guest lecture Saving Face, E.E.G. Kiss
Artists Residency: Digital Synesthesia Group, University Vienna. Curators: Katharina Gsöllpointner, Ruth Schnell,
 Romana Schuler; further including artists Jeffrey Shaw (ZKM and University Hongkong), Peter Weibel
 (ZKM, Germany), Tamiko Thiel / Christoph Reiserer (USA/D), Tina Frank (A).
Development Digital Synesthethic E.E.G. KISS, guest lectures and workshop Shared Senses, on the role of media metaphors in art, and the embodiment of perception and conception in digital art.

TASML Beijing
TASML Tsinghua Art and Science Media Laboratory, 2014
Artists-in-residency, Tsinghua University Beijing. Curator: Zhang Ga.
ISEA 2014 Dubai Dubai DataVeil
EYE FILM Institute Amsterdam & Beyond Biennale
Body Hacking, 2014 Curators: Tanja Koning, Arjen Bangma.
Beyond Bienniale Exhibition: Discovery Festival & Transnatural
Reality Shift,2014, Tolhuistuin Amsterdam.
Curators: Tanja Koning and Arjen Bangma
Todays Art, The Hague
Sensory Experiences Summit, 2014. Curator Olof van Winden
European Science Night, Beyond Bienniale
Curators: Tanja Koning and Arjen Bangma.
Discovery Festival, 26 september 2014
Impakt Festival, Utrecht
Soft Machines Headquarters event, 2014. Curator Arjon Dunnewind
Holst Centre, Eindhoven
Partnering in Research, 2014. Curator: Koen Snoeckx
Beamlab, De Zwijger Amsterdam lecture
Society for Old and New Media Amsterdam Hack the brain
Institute for Provocation IFP Beijing presentation
Artist in residency TASML (Art, Science and Terchnology)
-Tsinghua University Beijing, Curator Zhang Ga,
with Faculty for Neuro-engineering: Prof. Hong Bo
supported by Mondriaan Foundation
New work: Global Telematic Handshake
Artistic PhD Technical University of Delft /
Participatory Systems Initiative: Prof. F. Brazier, Dr. C. Nevejan
Public art commissions Province of Utrecht:
Monument for a Hitchhiker performance

2013 Shows

  • Rijksmuseum Amsterdam Studio Jubilee, Master touch
    Curator: Shailoh Phillips
  • Rijksmuseum Amsterdam Museumnacht, Master Touch
  • Public Art Lab Berlin urban screen show 'Connecting Cities':
    Bauhaus Dessau Germany & Ars Electronica Linz Saving Face
    Curator: Susa Pop
  • ARTI &Amicitiae Amsterdam ‘Living Sculpture‘, Tele-Trust

    Second prize N8 jury, curators: Arjen Lancel, Frans Fransicus
  • De Appel Art Center Amsterdam, Book launch 'Witnessing You'
    Author Caroline Nevejan; with artists' essay Tele_Trust
    PDF: http://www.nevejan.org/witness
  • European EIC ICT lab, technical University of Delft
    Mediated Justice research group: lecture Immersive courtroom
  • Museum Zwolle, Saving Face Curator: Adriaan de Regt
    Realization public art commissions
    1. City of Zeist / Kerckebosch and art commission Zeist: Community Car
      Mobile architecture and social participatory design.
    2. Province of Utrecht, Art Committee CBK Utrecht / Rotondelab
      Monument for the Hitchhiker
      Artists publication The Artists as a Host. Authors: Lancel / Maat,
      published by: Minerva Academy Groningen,
      Dr. Anke Koumans Research Group 'Image in Context'
      Artistic PhD Technical University of Delft /
      Participatory Systems Initiative: Prof. F. Brazier, Dr. C. Nevejan

2012 shows

  • 3rd TASIE Art&Science Exhibition/Symposium Beijing China,
    Saving Face With: Daan Roosegaarde, Rafael Lozano Hemmer,
    Driessen&Verstappen. Theo Janssen. Curator: Zhang Ga
  • Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam NL ‘AugmentIt!’, Tele_Trust
    Curators: Margriet Schavemakers, Hendrik Folkerts
  • Amber Media Art Platform Istanbul & SICA NLTR 400, Saving Face
  • Festival ad Werf Utrecht, Netherlands ‘This is where we live’,
    Saving Face Curator: Rainer Hoffman
  • KTH Royal Institute for Technology Stockholm, Sweden, Saving Face
    European EIC ICT lab: 'Presence' research group
  • Technical University Delft, European EIC ICT lab Saving Face
  • Technical University Eindhoven, European EIC ICT lab Saving Face
  • IASPIS Stockholm ‘Open Huset’, Tele_Trust (collection IASPIS)
    Artist in residency Iaspis Stockholm, supported by Mondriaan Foundation
    Artistic PhD Technical University Delft / Participatory Systems Initiative

2011 Shows

  • ISEA Istanbul and Istanbul Biennale Turkey, Tele_Trust
    Cumhuriyet Art Gallery ‘UNCONTAINABLE & Untitled’
    with: Maurice Benayoun, Igor Stromajer, Esther Polak, Roy Ascott
    Daan Roosegaarde, Sander Veenhof. Curator: Lanfranco Aceti
  • Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam NL ‘MoveIt!’, Tele_Trust
    With Sander Veenhof, Willem de Ridder, Kamagurka, V2_Institute,
    Curator: Hein Wils
  • Festival aan de Werf Utrecht NL & PSI Utrecht NL 
    'Camillo 2.0: Technology, Memory, Experience' Tele_Trust
    Curator: Rainer Hoffman
  • Masterclass MediaFund @ Sandberg Amsterdam NL 
    ‘Wireless Stories in public Space’
  • Studium Generale Artez Arnhem NL Tele_Trust
  • Technical University Delft Tele_Trust
  • Kasa Gallery Istanbul Turkey.
    Curator: Lanfranco Aceti. Lecture & workshop Tele_Trust
    Artists Publication
    Tele_Trust for networking bodies
, authors: Lancel/Maat.
    Part of RTRSRSCH Journal series (Monography)
    published by AHK Art Research Group ARTI Amsterdam, essays by: Geert Lovink, Marijke Hoogenboom, Eric Kluitenberg, Caroline Nevejan
    Artistic PhD Technical University Delft / Participatory Systems Initiative

2010 Shows

  • World Expo Shanghai 2010, Dutch Cultural Center, Mobile City and
    Virtueel Platform: ‘Hybrid City’ Tele_Trust (video interviews)
    Curators: Michiel de Lange, Martijn de Waal
  • Banff New Media Institute, Canada  ‘Liminal Screens’, Tele_Trust
    Curators: Marcus Neustatter, Michelle Kasprzak, Nina Czegledy 
  • Banff new Media Institute, Canada  ‘ElectroSmog’, Tele_Trust
  • De Balie Amsterdam, NL  ‘ElectroSmog’, Tele_Trust
    Curator: Eric Kluitenberg. With Esther Polak, David Garcia.
  • ADA network, New Zealand  ‘ElectroSmog’, Tele_Trust
  • Gogbot Enschede, NL ‘Singularity is near’, Tele-Trust
    With JODI, Daan Roosegaarde, CREW, Carsten Nocolai,
    Koert van Mensvoort, Broersen & Lukacs, Julika Rudelius
    Curators: Kees de Groot, Viola van Alphen
    Artists publication
    http://www.being-here.net. Curator: Caroline Nevejan, Tele_Trust Toolkit
    Artist in residency
    Banff New Media Institute, supported by Mondriaan Foundation and Canada

2009 Shows

  • V2_Institute Unstable Media Rotterdam, ‘Testlab: Intimacy’, Tele-Trust.
    With: Daan Roosegaarde, Lucy McRae. Curator: Michel van Dartel
  • De Waag Society For Old and New Media Amsterdam NL, Tele-Trust
    Curator: Lucas Evers
  • Tschumi Paviljoen Groningen NL, Tele-Trust Curator: Marinus Boezem
  • Lumineus Amersfoort, NL Tele-Trust. With Marnix de Nijs,
    Gabriel Lester. Curators: Annelou Evelein, Patricia Deiters
  • Gasthuis/Frascati Amsterdam, NL ‘Crisis’, Tele_Trust
    Curator: Laura Karremans
  • Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Exposorium NLCrossing Borders
    Curator: Hendriekje Bosma

2008 Shows

  • Urban Screens 08, Federation Square Melbourne Australia, StalkShow
    Curator: Mirjam Struppek
  • V2_Lab voor Instable media Rotterdam (NL) research Interactive Burka
  • CEAC Xiamen China (Chinese European Art Center) &
    Sandberg Institute Curators: Jos Houweling, Ineke Gudmunsun, StalkShow
  • NIMK / Dutch Institute for Media Art Amsterdam NL  Phantom Territory
    Curator: Petra Heck
  • MFA APT Antwerpen, Belgium. Lecture/workshop Burqa & Public Space

2007 Shows

  • Watermans gallery London Straitjacket Embrace
  • Shanghai International Science and Art Expo China StalkShow
  • Art Center NABI, Seoul South Korea,
    festival ‘People&Art&Technology’ StalkShow
  • COMO SKT Tele-communication building & Art center NABI, Seoul,
    South Korea http://www.comostory.com, StalkShow installation
  • Ooglive / Volkskrant NL Agora Phobia (digitalis),
    Curator: Nannette Hoogslag
  • MediaMatic Salon Amsterdam NL Phobic Sensor
  • Willem de Kooning academie Rotterdam (NL) lecture, workshop: Embrace
  • Gorcums Museum NL ‘Leven uit een koffer’ Stalker Society

2006 Shows

  • 2e Art & Science exhibition Tjinghua University Beijing China StalkShow
  • PICNIC 06 Amsterdam,'Cross mediaweek' Phobic Sensor
  • Art in Pro Moscow & Jekatarinnenburg OutVideo Festival Stalkshow
    Curator: Arseny Sergeyev, ArtInPro Creative Group
  • HongKong ArtsCentre China & Videotage:
    International Film & VideoFestival
  • APM Shopping Mall & IFVA , Hong Kong StalkShow
  • V2_institute for Unstable Media Rotterdam
    Curators: Stephen Kovats, Lancel/Maat Inviting Horror / Tangent Fear
    • Eyebeam New York, with: Jill Magid, Inviting Horror / Tangent Fear
  • Nachtkracht, Post CS Amsterdam StalkShow Society
  • KPN-tower, telecommunicatie-building Rotterdam
    City Mobile Monument SCREAM, Collection KPN tower animations

2005 Shows 

  • China Millennium Art Museum, Beijing The Millenium Dialogue    
    International media art exhibition by V2-Institute, ZKM, BANFF, ZKM.
    Curators:  Alex Adriaansens, Zhang Ga
  • DasArts Amsterdam, Frascati Theatre: 'Jubilee' Disappear!        
  • Stedelijk Museum Post CS Amsterdam Urban Screens 05       
  • Pro.ba, Sarajevo Center for Contemporary Art, Bosnia  
    Curator: Stephen Kovats, Sarajevo Picnic
    2 nd Architecture Biennale Rotterdam Splendid Immersion
    Curator: Stephen Kovats              
  • Stroom HCBK The Hague Fused Space Data Base  

2004 Shows

  • ZKM Karlsruhe MediaMuseum, 'Meisterwerke aus der collection' Curators: Peter Weibel and Barbara Könches, Paranoid Panopticum
  • ISEA 04 Helsinki StalkShow
  • Kiasma Museum, Helsinki
    Curator: Pertu Rastas, StalkShow video and installation
  • Parc de la Villette, Paris Bienale Villette Numérique
    Curator: Benjamin Weil
  • MUU Galleria, Helsinki Direct Exposure
  • Scheepvaartmuseum Amsterdam FloatScanner
  • Kulturzentrum Schlachthof Bremen FloatScanner

2003 Shows
V2_Lab Unstable media StalkShow
E-Culture Fair, De Melkweg Amsterdam StalkShow
E-Culture Fair, De Balie, Amsterdam StalkShow

  • Eyebeam, New York Agora Phobia (digitalis)
    Curator: Benjamin Weil
  • SKOR & Gemeente Utrecht and Foundation Beyond, Exhibition 'Parasite/Paradise' Agora PHobia (digitalis)
  • City of Schiedam 'Festival Stad.Als.Film' StalkShow
    Curators: Adriaan de Regt, Martijn Verhoeven
  • [Nes]Theaters Amsterdam StalkShow
    Curator: Robert Steijn
  • Imagine IC Amsterdam nomansland
  • Platform Gras / NP3 Groningen, 'Bubbel' FloatScanner
  • Zuid-As Amsterdam, Virtueel Museum Amsterdam nomansland
  • Smart Project Space, 'Tresholding' StalkShow
    Curator: Alice Smits

Shows 2002

  • ZKM Karlsruhe, permanent exhibition Paranoid Panopticum
  • Kunstverein ForoAristico, Hannover Paranoid Panopticum
  • ZKM MediaMuseum, Karlsruhe Germany 'CTRL SPACE',
    Curator: Thomas Y. Levin Paranoid Panopticum
  • University Dresden, faculty Intermediale kunst, Performance als/im Bild
  • Stroom HCBK Den Haag 'ParkingDenHaag' nomansland
  • Imagine IC, Amsterdam NL / COA  nomansland
  • Rotterdamse Schouwburg Rotterdam  TraumaTour
  • Museum Stadskanaal nomansland

Shows 2001

  • Podewil, Berlin Agora Phobia (digitalis)
  • Artforum Artfair, Berlin Agora Phobia (digitalis)
  • Paraplufabriek, Nijmegen StalkShow station
  • Intercom, Lazy Marie, Utrecht De Moordenaar / The Killer
  • CBK Groningen / Voor Bij De Zone Grens Zuigen aan lucht
  • CBK Groningen (NL) met dank aan
  • CBK Alphen Kunstgebouw en Alphen a/d Rijn tvCentraal CD-rom
  • StadsSchouwburg Schiedam The Paranoid Panopticum

2000 Shows

  • Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam Gemeente aankopen For Real
  • Foundation De Appel, Amsterdam Unlimited.nl#3
    Curator: Zdenka Badovinac
  • Split Film festival, Split (Kroatia) The Paranoid Panopticum
    Curator: Dan Oki
  • U.V.A. Roetersstraat Amsterdam The Paranoid Panopticum
  • Moving-mime Festival, Tilburg The Paranoid Panopticum
  • Stadtisches Museum Jena Wall Piece Video
  • Wally Amsterdam Wall Piece Video, Curator: Jellichje Reijnders
  • TransMediale Berlin The Paranoid Panopticum