Biochemical Portrait

Performance & Installation
Amsterdam Art Fair @ Beurs van Berlage
Thanks to Simon Barteling, FondsBKVB, Witzenhausen/Meijering Gallerie

MAAT NETWERKEN publishes BIOCHEMICAL PORTRAIT in 'Beurs van Berlage'

At the time blood became a taboo - there was no medicine yet for aids, by taking blood from art-fair vistors, I researched fear in relation to the meaning of an Image.

  1. The finger of the person portrayed is being cleaned and stung for blood.

  2. With a pipette the drop of blood is taken from the finger.

  3. The drop of blood is analysed.

  4. By means of this analyses a portrait is being made, it gives a specific image from You at that specific moment.


Concerning the meaning of this analyses Maat Netwerken has no interest.