show overview
Performance & Installation
Baltan Laboratories, Dutch Design Week Eindhoven
Developed in collaboration with Baltan Laboratories. 3d Ring Printing developed with Vincent Hoenderop, Marriage Contract support by KissPatent / Dvorah Graesser.

In 'Brainwave Wedding Lab', artists Lancel/Maat, together with audiences, investigate future forms of marriage in a technological society. In collaboration with Baltan Laboratories they organize performances, workshops and lectures. The Brainwave Wedding Lab launches a new wedding ritual for a sustainable social future, based on a Blockchain Wedding Ring.

Can we create a new form of wedding ritual, in which technology is included as Members
in the wedding vow and marriage contract? Can the EEG data of a wedding kiss be
a key to the Blockchain contract?

In the Blockchain Wedding Ring ritual, the audience experiments with a new personal form of marriage. Beloved ones can shape an inclusive wedding pledge that is valid for a variable period, in different gender combinations, between two or more people, including a human and non-human community of Members.

The wedding contract they then sign is cryptographically stored in a smart blockchain system, no longer determined by restrictive social mores and local laws and legal aspects. The wedding contract is only visible by means of a secret crypto-code. This secret code is made by the marriage partners themselves, based on their brain activity during the wedding kiss. The artists developed a special Brain Computer Interface that translates the kiss into a secret Blockchain Code, which is then printed 3d as a wedding ring. In the new wedding ritual, lovers are sliding the blockchain Wedding Ring code around their fingers, as a tangible reminder of confidence during their kiss, forever, infinitely, in data.