Inviting Invisibles

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Performance & Installation
Sarajevo & Mostar
Thanks to V2_Lab & Stephen Kovats Photos of Hermen Maat with shaved-out text on the back of his head: Inviting Invisibles. Photo’s Karen Lancel Hosted by Sarajevo Center for Contemporary Arts and Sarajevo Goethe institute

Sniper Alley in Sarajevo and Stari Most in Mostar. In wartime life challenging transfers. Now danger is ‘under control’, but invisibly present. Since every Sarejevo inhabitant lives with invisible war images in his memory. Archived in a traumatized body these images are continuously invisibly present.
The tourist, the outsider on the photo, has seen it all... through media.
He enters a mediated, and therefor bodeyless war-zone; invisibly present. In what kind of ‘zone’ he finds his body?

Part of Inviting Horror